What is DID-Diaries ?

DID-Diaries is a web application dedicated to DID-patients. As they have trouble remembering some of their days it would be handy to write down their day and feelings inside a diary.

My goal is to make their lives easier, and help them with this easy and flexible application which will be updated and build upon in the future.

If you are experiencing bugs, or want to give feedback feel free to contact me through the contact section.

What makes it tick ?

First of all a dedicated developer, which sympatizes with DID-patients because my partner suffers from DID.

As I wanted to help her, I thought I could help others too by making my application available online.

The code of the application is hosted and maintained by myself on my homeserver to have full control over the services and security.

This project is written in C# and made with ASP.NET (MVC 4).